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Pallet without skids

1200×800×155 [mm]



1200 x 800 x 155 mm


DESCRIPTION – easy to clean, without skids,

STRENGTH – 80% of damages, which cause withdrawing of a pallet from trade, concerns skids. Skids play an important role in the construction of EUR pallet for high storage racking but they are also the easiest element to be damaged by pallet jacks. It can be concluded, from this statistics, that a pallet with a construction that requires no skids, would be several times more durable than an EUR pallet.

Our pallet P19 is the first pallet without skids suitable for high-storage racking – it has a selfsupporting, box-like closed deck, 5 cm thick, reinforced with 8 mm steel rods, which can support loads of up to 1000 kg on high storage racks. Polyethylene, out of which the pallet is made, has a very high impact strength and durability, is chemically neutral, and it is ten times more resistant to rain, sun and frost than wood.

FUNCTIONALITY – P19 pallet weighs 21 kg, which is less than a weight of a wooden pallet, and this is important when piling and transporting empty pallets. Also the lack of skids makes operations with the pallet jack or a fork lift easier. P19 is certified for the use in the food industry and is easily cleaned thanks to the construction of a closed deck covering ribs. Rubber inserts (optional) on the upper surface of the pallet protect cargo from skidding and bevelled edges of the upper deck facilitate the work of a forklift and protect the pallet against damage.

Dimensions: 1200 x 800 x 155 mm
Weight: 21 kg,
Color: black.

A – non skidding,
G – smooth.

Maximum loading:
-static: 5000 kg,
-dynamic: 1500 kg,
-rack: 1000 kg.